The Company conducts its business as a Public Utility Company, whose business activities are as follows:

  • maintaining and equipping the markets and market facilities, leasing the facilities and premises on the markets for the sale of agricultural produce through wholesale and retail arrangements;
  • building and reconstruction of the markets and market facilities, procurement of market equipment and devices for the sake of development with Company resources and the resources provided by the Founder;
  • leasing the facilities and premises for sale of the craftworks, handiwork and other commercial products and livestock, pursuant to legislation;
  • setting up, maintaining and leasing street stalls and kiosks on the places assigned for the retail sale of commercial goods;
  • keeping sales records related to agricultural produce and monitoring price trends in the private sector, for the sake of statistics.

Public Utility Company “City markets” manages 31 market places, has 165,000 m2 of market area, including 28,000 m2 of commercial business premises, 8,000 stalls and 820 cooling display cases.

Since its foundation, the Company provides funds for performing the communal activities and operating costs from the prices and fees for services and lease (stalls, premises and business premises on the markets).

Sources of income:

Lease of business premises as follows:

  • permanent and/or built facilities (premises, storage areas and other facilities);
  • prefabricated facilities (kiosks, gardens, atriums, numerated parking lots, etc.);
  • market equipment – reservation and daily fees for usage (stalls, frames, cooling show cases, boxes, etc.)


  • “Open Shopping Center”, Novi Beograd has the features of a commodity market for the retail sales of the craftworks, handiworks and industrial – commercial products. It covers the area of 43,000m2 and includes 2,575 market stalls, 47 facilities – covering 1,428.84m2 of business space and including 79 standard prefabricated kiosks owned by the Company, and 35 kiosks owned by the lessees.
  • The market named “Zeleni venac” is a green market in the central city zone, covering the area of 8,062m2. The market is preserved as the authentic cultural and historical monument that is under the protection of the Belgrade Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage.
  • “Kalenic” market is a green market, located in the very down town area, taking the area of 11,744m2. The market has the status of a special endowment and special approvals are required for its reconstruction.

The Company development plans are directed towards the reconstruction of the markets in the city centre and in the select local communities (abiding by the terms stated by the relevant institutions and the special features of each market) and establishing the information network to connect all the markets into a unique management system.

Public Utility Company “Belgrade City Markets” holds membership in two professional associations, as follows:

  • Business Association of Serbian markets, (UPS – Udruzenje pijaca Srbije), as a Chairman of the Managing Board,
  • World Union of Wholesale Markets – WUWM, as a member of the Advisory Committee.