Education and creativity this week at the market Đeram

PUC “City Markets” in cooperation with the Association “Let’s Be Safe” on Sunday, October 24th at 10:00 a.m. at the Đeram market, will hold a public grandstand on the topic “Traffic Safety”. The grandstand will be lead by Dea Đurđevic, our famous presenter who survived a serious car accident. Dea will convey her experiences through motivational speech to visitors of the “Đeram” market and stress the importance of responsible behavior of all traffic participants and respect for traffic regulations.

This grandstand is important for our fellow citizens of all generations, while free workshops organized by the Association for the preservation of old and artistic crafts “Our Hands” will be available for the youngest on the same day.

PUC “City markets” contributes to preserving tradition by nurturing old crafts, as well as promoting national specialties. On the same day, visitors to the “Đeram” market will enjoy salty and sweet specialties prepared for the occasion by members of the “Association of Women of Srem, Banat and Bačka”.

This weekend, pleasant surprises expect the visitors at “Đeram” market, a rich offer and a good time. With the sounds of tamburas, the flavors of this season’s first roast chestnut, ajvar according to grandma’s recipe, various Vojvodina specialties, atmosphere and offer will contribute to this week’s purchase being different from the usual.

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